Public unaware of nuclear power benefits

A new survey by Love Energy Savings has revealed that 40 per cent of the British public do not know enough about nuclear power.

The figures were a response from over 700 people who were asked is they would support an increased use of nuclear energy. It was found that 40 per cent believed they didn’t know enough about the subject to have an informed opinion, despite data showing that nuclear energy makes up almost half of all low-carbon electricity generation.

Love Energy has reassured that despite the lack of understanding on the subject in the general public, nuclear power is and will continue to grow in prominence across the world.

Phil Foster, managing director of Love Energy Savings, said: “Given nuclear power’s growing prominence in the energy industry, it was surprising to discover that so many people don’t understand the subject enough to make an informed decision on whether they support its use.

“With fossil fuel stocks decreasing rapidly, we will undoubtedly need to turn to alternatives such as nuclear power. It’d be great if we could rely solely on energy derived from sustainable sources such as wind, solar and tidal power, but we’re a long way from achieving this and we must be realistic.

“Regardless of whether you’re for or against nuclear power, we believe that people should try to understand where their energy is coming from.”

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