UK ranked fifth most energy efficient country in the world

According to a report by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), the UK has been ranked over a total of 23 countries.

The study examined the energy efficiency of different sectors including building, industry and transportation as well as national efforts to control energy usage. The UK was ranked fifth place due to changes in policies such as the abolishment of the Green Deal, a 33 per cent cut to the country’s Energy Efficiency Obligations target and 20 per cent cut to future spending.

ACEEE also maintained that while the UK has strong policies to improve fuel economy and advance vehicle technologies, more could be done to improve the overall efficiency of the freight and passenger transport systems.

Germany was ranked the highest in the scoreboard followed by Italy and Japan.

Saudi Arabia, Brazil and South Africa are at the bottom of the list.

Steven Nadel, executive director at ACEEE, said: “Energy efficiency is often the lowest cost means of meeting new demand for energy. Governments that encourage investment in energy efficiency and implement supporting policies save citizens money, reduce dependence on energy imports and reduce pollution. Yet energy efficiency remains massively underutilised globally despite its proven multiple benefits and its potential to become the single largest resource to meet growing energy demand worldwide.”

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