EU reports on 2020 progress

EU Flag - EU reports on 2020 progress

According to the EU's latest progress report towards 2020 energy efficiency targets, final energy consumption decreased by 7 per cent between 2005 and 2013.

However, the report points out that in 2013, primary energy consumption actually increased in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. The economic crisis, restructuring effects of the European economies and energy efficiency measures contributed considerably to this downward trend.

In the public sector, Interim results from 2014 Member reports, show energy efficiency requirements in public procurement are not fully understood by all procurement agents and that the transposition of the requirements of Article 6 EED (Member States must ensure that central governments purchase only products, services and buildings that have a high energy-efficiency) is not yet finalised in some countries.

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