UK government renews emissions deal with Ricardo

The UK government has reappointed consultancy firm Ricardo Energy & Environment as its National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory agency.

The National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory gathers and compiles data on greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions from a variety of UK sectors, including waste, industry, agriculture, forestry and transport, before using the collected data to improve the effectiveness of policy, monitor progress against emissions targets, demonstrate compliance with international legislation and safeguard the health of the UK’s population.

The current focus on environmental and health protection within the UK, sparked by increasing air pollutants in a number of major UK cities, means that key data surrounding the UK’s impact on its local and international environment needs to be actively audited.

Having held the role in various forms for more than 20 years, Ricardo Energy & Environment will make the data available to various government departments in a form that provides an easy way to model air quality and health impacts of the country’s air across national, regional, local or city level.

Sean Christiansen, Ricardo Energy & Environment’s practice director, said: “It is an honour to be reappointed by the UK Government to the role of National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory Agency. The UK’s inventory systems provide a robust evidence base that underpins the national understanding of greenhouse gas and air quality pollutant emissions, helping to track the effectiveness of policy, monitor progress against targets and deliver against numerous reporting obligations. The longevity of our relationship with the government demonstrates the confidence and trust that we have built over the last two decades of service.”

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