Experts call for transformative energy sector in Scotland

Members of Scotland’s Future Energy Taskforce have urged the Scottish government to takes its opportunity to transform the country’s energy sector in its much anticipated Energy Strategy.

Convened by WWF Scotland, the Taskforce, an independent panel of energy experts from industry and academia, is urging the adoption of a bold vision to decarbonise Scotland’s energy system and meet its climate change targets ahead of the Energy Strategy, which is expected to be presented before the end of the month.

Among the recommendations is a call for the energy sector to be ‘decarbonised’, plus a plan for ‘the phased introduction of a ban in the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles by 2025’.

Dr Keith MacLean OBE, chair of the UK Energy Research Centre advisory board, and facilitator of the taskforce, said: “We welcome the fact that the Scottish government is for the first time bringing together all of its plans for energy, across the electricity, heat and transport sectors, into one strategy. A major task like decarbonising the energy system will not be achieved on a piecemeal and incremental basis, nor without an integrated long-term plan.

“This new energy strategy is an excellent opportunity for the Scottish government to assert overall leadership and control over the nation’s energy future. Decisions will need to be made, and ‘low regrets’ options like energy efficiency taken forward now, rather than waiting for silver bullets in the future.”

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