Tim Yeo calls for nuclear ‘plan B’ amidst Hinkley Point delays

Long delays and questions surrounding the future of the Hinkley Point project mean the UK needs a nuclear ‘plan B’, according to Tim Yeo, former chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee.

Tim Yeo, current chairman of New nuclear Watch Europe, has called on the UK government to fast track other nuclear projects in the pipeline, such as China’s Bradwell scheme and the Horizon consortium project at Wylfa on Anglesey.

Talking to the Guardian, Yeo said that the future of Hinkley Point was uncertain after EDF delayed the final investment decision until September. He warned that further delays could be expected due to upcoming French elections and continued opposition from EDF unions.

He told the Guardian: “There is a risk of further delays at Hinkley and, because of that, the Department of Energy and Climate Change should have a plan B.

“If another two to three years had passed before progress had been made [at Hinkley], it would have an impact on our ability to meet carbon targets and on our energy security.”

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