May’s ‘disappointment’ over Trump climate plans

Following a phone call with US President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Theresa May has said of her ‘disappointment’ with his decision to withdraw the US form the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

Trump has long seen the agreement, which commits 187 to keeping global temperatures rises ‘well below’ 2C (3.6F), as ‘unfair’ towards the US and has said that he will now try to negotiate a new, ‘fairer’ climate deal - a statement that France, Germany and Italy have warned cannot be renegotiated.

May has come under criticism got not signing a joint condemnation from France, Germany, and Italy - a move labelled an ‘appalling abdication of leadership’ by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Additionally, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry highlighted the Conservative’s failure ‘to raise even the quietest peep in protest’, while former Labour leader Ed Miliband accused May pf ‘weak leadership’.

Speaking of May’s phone call with Trump the evening of his announcement, Downing Street said: "President Trump called the Prime Minister this evening to discuss his decision to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement. The Prime Minister expressed her disappointment with the decision and stressed that the UK remained committed to the Paris Agreement, as she set out recently at the G7.

"She said that the Paris Agreement provides the right global framework for protecting the prosperity and security of future generations, while keeping energy affordable and secure for our citizens and businesses."

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