The use of technology to optimise all parts of the energy system from supply and storage to the consumer is driving a new wave of innovation. This brings with it a need for better understanding to shape policy, a role which is increasingly being aided by the use of geographic information, writes Abigail Page of the Association for Geographic Information

Government Business examines a government policy that makes it clear that those on the lowest incomes should not be left to live in the coldest, least efficient homes

A full energy audit, coupled with a robust energy policy, can demonstrate an organisation’s commitment to the sustainability agenda. Chris Moriarty from the British Institute of Facilities Management explains how to develop a successful energy policy

Robert Thilthorpe of the Fire Industry Association explains how the European Commission’s revised strategy for phasing out flourinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases) will affect the fire protection systems industry in terms of cost and leak checking requirements

Local authorities are in a strong position to help deliver the required growth in renewables and energy efficiency, through their strategic planning role and a host of other functions. Mike Landy of the Renewable Energy Association explains how

Keeping up with the the latest green policies coming out of central government can be quite a challenge for local authorities. Local Energy’s Karen Lawrence gives updates on the Green Deal and phase two of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, and sheds light on new community energy schemes

Passivhaus is an internationally renowned method of building healthy, affordable low energy homes. Jon Bootland, chief executive of Passivhaus Trust, explains why it is an ideal method for the construction of social housing in the UK

Disagreement at the Government over energy supply demonstrates an urgent need to refocus on the basics of energy policy and practice, argues Alan Aldridge, executive director of the ESTA

Peter Hunt, joint chief executive of the Lighting Industry Association, outlines the applications for LED lighting

With government committed to reducing carbon emissions in its estate, at a time when funding streams are squeezed, how can organisations cost and prioritise energy projects effectively?


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